School of ancient crafts

Visit the Crafts Village at the Turkey Festival and master the basics of weaving and pottery. Glassblowers, stonecutters and jewelers will discover secrets, and you will create your own masterpiece.

The largest restaurant of Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is the richest in the world. Try the luxurious and delicious dishes from different regions of Turkey. Learn about the traditions of national cuisine and enjoy the tastes.

Mega-quest and 100 trips to Turkey

Take part in the Mega-quest and win one of 100 trips to the best hotels in Turkey! Just register for the quest on the site and visit each site of the festival from 14 to 16 June.

The most spectacular fight

Turkish athletes will arrange gures fights. Competitions on the "oil fight" - impressive and gambling will be held at the site of the Kemer region.

With the support of the Moscow Department of Culture

The Turkish Festival is held with the support of the Moscow Department of Culture.

Turkish resort in miniature

You can relax on a sun lounger and enjoy the atmosphere of a real resort in the “Beach” zone. Try brand fresh and listen to music on the canal bank.

Turkish language center

It has long dreamed of mastering Turkish, but did not know where to start? In the Turkish Language Center, you will definitely speak Turkish, because our teachers and translators are the best!

Real Grand Bazaar

For shopping - at the largest Oriental bazaar! At our Grand Bazaar you buy sweets, handmade ceramics, Turkish fabrics and countless souvenirs.